Adolf Weinberg

b 1844  Koenigsberg (East Prussia)

d 1921  Kiev (Ukraine)

Adolf Weinberg (1844-1921)

Adolf Weinberg was born in Koenigsberg in East Prussia. At about 1865 he emigrated to Russia , first to St. Petersburg. He was a professional musician, played the viola in the Petersburg Marinski Imperial Theatre and he gave lessons on violin. After leaving the theatre he became a choir / bandmaster with the Russian Army for a while, before settling in Kiev with his family. In addition to his teaching, he was the verger/warden of the Lutheran church in Kiev and probably he was choirmaster there too. There he became acquainted with the Glier family, who belonged to the same parish. There was a friendly relationship between the two families. The oldest son of the Weinbergs, Alfred (1874-1938), was approximately of the same age with Reinhold Glier. Both were close friends, while father Weinberg was giving Reinhold the first lessons on the violin.

Source: Sasha Clarkson, Great great grandson of Adolf Weinberg, 2004