1. Reinhold Ernst Glier

2. Glière

1. German spelling

 The german surname is "Glier". In english it would sound  like "Gleere". Reinhold was baptized as Reinhold Ernst Glier.

 2. French spelling of the surname

Reinhold Glier used the french spelling since about 1900. My mother-in-law told us, that was an artist-name. Music sheets of his early works, published by Jurgenson, have the name in french manner "Glière". Today's descendants, a grandson of Reinhold, Yuri Glier of Moscow, uses the name without "e" at the end. Senta Gliere, a granddaughter, writes in Arabian letter as mentioned.

3. Russian spelling

Russian alphabet has no "h". Therefore the transcription is "g" (Reingold). In Russia it is usual to call the first name followed by fathers first name, i.e. Reinhold (first name) Moritz (fathers first name) or in russian as above shown.