Opus Year Description of works
Op. 91 1950 Concert for Horn  and symphonic orchestra    in  B flat major
    dedicated to  Valeri Vladimirovich Polekh
    I. Andante (Cadenza by V.V. Polekh)
    II. Andante
    III. Moderato. Allegro vivace
    3, 2, 2, 2 - 3, 2, 3 ,1 - timpani, percussion, harp, strings.
    duration 26 minutes.
    première: May 10, 1951, Leningrad,
    Orchestra of the Leningrad Committee Radioinformation,
    conductor - composer, soloist - Valery V. Polekh
    January 26, 1952, Moscow, conductor and soloist as on May 10, 1951
    transcription for french horn and piano
Op. 92 1951-1952 Taras Bulba     ballet in four acts
    To the 100th day of death of Nikolai Vassiljevich Gogol (1809 - 1852)
Op. 92a 1951-1952 Suite from the ballet  Taras Bulba   for symphonic orchestra
    1. Introduction
    2. Taras expects the son
    3. Andrij
    4. Ostap
    5. Infinite Ukrainian steppe
    6. Whirlwind (Gopak [Ukr. dance])
    7. Great Adagio
    8. Mazurka
    9. Zaporozhe dance
    3 (III - l. flute), 3, 3, 3 - 4, 3, 3, 1 - timpani, triangel, tambourine, small and big
    drums, cymbal, little bells, 3 harps, piano, strings.
    première: January 26, 1952, Moscow. conductor - composer.
Op. 93 1953 Glory of the Soviet army
    Cantata for soloists, choir, narrator, symphonic- and wind orchestra
    (To the 35th anniversary of the Soviet army).
    Text by  Ja. Belinski
    part I
    1. You were born in a hot battle
        mixed choir
    2. The steppe.
         Baritone and tenor solo and male-voice choir
    3. You have destroyed all enemies in the battles.
         mixed choir
    part II
    4. Intense, terrible.
        Bass Solo
    5. For our free earth
        mixed choir
    6. Eagle coming flying up
        Mezzosoprano Solo
    7. Volgograd
    8. The golden Prague greets the heroes (Czech song).
        mixed choir
    première: May 24, 1953, Moscow, via radio,
    conductor - V.V. Zelikowski
Op. 94 1940 Lejli and Medshnun    Opera in four acts (seven scenes)
    Koauthor - Talib Sadykov. Libretto Sch. Churschid and M. Muchamedov after the
    poem of the same name by  Mir Alischer Nawoi (1441-1501).
    première: June 18, 1940, Tashkent,
    conductor - Talib Sadykov, director - M. Muchamedov,
    ballet master - W. Gubskaja, E. Baranovski, stage set - Sch. Scharachimov.
    interpreters of the leading roles: Lejli - Ch. Nasyrowa, Kajs - K. Sitdykov.
    December 18, 1954, Tashkent, conductor - Talib Sadykov,
    director - M. Muchamedov, ballet master - G. Dawitaschwili,
    stage set - M. Musajev.
    interpreters of the leading roles: Lejli - Ch. Nasyrova, N. Achmedova, N. Chaschimova
    Kajs - G. Abdurachmanov, S. Jaraschev.
Op. 95      [dropped]
Op. 96 1949 Gjulsara    Opera in four acts (five scenes)
    Co-author - Talib Sadykov. Libretto - Kamil Jaschen (Nugmanov) and M. Muchamedov.
    première: December 25, 1949, Tashkent, conductor - Talib Sadykov,
    director - M. Muchamedov, stage set - M. Musajev,
    interpreters of the leading roles: Gjulsara - Ch. Nasyrova, Kadyr - G. Abdurachmanov,
    Ibrahim - K. Sakirov.
    Fragments of the opera for one and two voices and piano.
    Text  in Usbekian language
Op. 97 1955 Festive overture for symphonic orchestra     in  D major
    4, 4, 4, 4 - 6, 4, 3, 1 - timpani, percussion, little bells, 2 harps, piano
    duration 5 - 6 minutes.
    première: November 6, 1955. Moscow, Bolshoi Theatre of the USSR,
    symphonic orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre of the USSR,
    conductor - A. Sch. Melik-Paschajev.
Op. 98      [dropped]
Op. 99  1955 1. Improvisation  for piano    in  E major
    published as a note supplement of the magazine "Soviet music", 1956,   No.7 ("child album")


    2. Melody  for piano    in  B flat major
    published as a note supplement of the magazine "Soviet music", 1956, no. 10, paper stuck (p. 16-17)
op. 100 1956 Concert   (Concert-Allegro)   for violin and symphonic orchestra     in   G minor
    posthumous work. Completed and orchestrated by B. N. Ljatoshinski,
    editing  K. G. Mostras.
    duration 16 minutes
    première: September 20, 1959, Moscow, via radio,
    Symphonic Orchestra of the Allunion Radio, conductor - A. K. Jansons,
    soloist - B. E. Goldstein
    transcription for violin and piano


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