Opus Year Description of works
Op. 81 1942-1943 Rachel   opera in one act.
    Libretto by  Michail A. Bulgakov and Margarita I. Aliger after the novel
    of  Guy de Maupassant "Mademoiselle Fifi".
    première via radio: 1943, Moscow, conductor - A. I. Orlow.
    Chantavuan ? - L. I. Chatschaturow, I. E. Goljand, Rachel - S. N. Kiselewa,
    N. P. Roshdestwenskaja.
    concert première: April 19, 1947, Moscow,
    conductor - S. G. Deliziev, director - W. G. Navrotzki,
    interpreters - Artists of the opera-dramatic theatre " K. P. Stanislawski"
Op. 82 1942-1943 Concerto for Coloratura Soprano and symphonic orchestra   in  F minor  /  F major
    dedicated to  Debhora Jakobwewna Pantofel-Netschezka
    I. Andante
    II. Allegro
    2, 2, 2, 2 - 3, 0, 0, 0 - timpani, harp, strings.
    duration 13 - 14 minutes
    première: May 12, 1943, Moscow, conductor - A. I. Orlow,
    soloist - N. A. Kasanzewa.
    awarded the stateprize (1946)
    transcription by the composer for voice and piano
    transcription by  A. Serostanowa for french horn and piano (part I)
    transcription by  S. Eremin for trumpet and piano (part I)
Op. 83 1943 Quartet No. 4    for two violins, viola and cello    in  F minor
    dedicated to  the State Beethoven-Quartet *
    I. Allegro moderato
    II. Vivace
    III. Andante
    IV. Allegro
    première: October 30, 1943, Moscow, Beethoven-Quartet.
    awarded the stateprize (1948).
    * members of the Quartet - D. M. Zyganow, W. P. Schirinski,
    W. W. Boricowski, S. P. Schirinski
Op. 84 1943 "Twenty fife years Red Army"
    Overture for wind orchestra    in  E flat minor
    première: March 16, 1943, Moscow, conductor - composer.
Op. 85 1946 Music to the piece "Farchad and Shirin"
    author of the piece - Sämäd Vurgun,
    Russian text by  T. Streschnewa
    première: April 3, 1946, Moscow,
    "K. S. Stanislawski"-Studio
Op. 86 1944 "Victory"    Overture for symphonic orchestra    in  B flat minor
    4, 4, 5, 4 - 6, 4, 3, 1 - timpani, percussion, little bells, xylophon, 2 harps,
    duration 15 - 16 minutes.
    première: October 30, 1945, Moscow,
    State symphonic orchestra of the USSR,
    conductor - O. A. Dimitriadi
    transcription by the composer for piano two hands
Op. 86a   the same for wind orchestra
    première: February 22, 1945, Moscow,
    wind orchestra of the university for military conductors,
    conductor - I. W. Petrow.
Op. 87 1945-1946 Concert for cello    and symphonic orchestra    in  D minor
    dedicated to  Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich
    I. Allegro
    II. Andante
    III. Allegro vivace
    3, 2, 2, 2 - 4, 2, 0, 0 - timpani, percussion, harp, strings.
    duration 38 minutes.
    première: April 18, 1947, Moscow,
    big symphony orchestra of the Allunion-Radio,
    conductor - A. I. Orlow, soloist - S. N. Knuschevizki.
    transcription by the composer for cello and piano
Op. 88 1947 Music to the movie "Alisher Nawoi"    director: Kamil Jarmatov
    (Co-author: Talib Sadykow)
    première: February 6, 1948, Tashkent
Op. 89 1948-1949 "The Bronze Horseman".  ballet in four acts (ten scenes).
    to 150th birthday of Alexander S. Pushkin (1799-1837)
    Libretto by  P. F. Abolimov after A. S. Pushkin's poem with the same name 
    awarded the state-prize (1950).
    première: March 14, 1949, Leningrad, Theatre for Opera and Ballet "S. M. Kirow"
    conductor - E. A. Dubowski, director - R. W. Sacharov,
    stage set - M. P. Bobyschov.
    interpreters of the leading roles: Parascha - N. M. Dudinskaja,
    Zariza Bala  - A. Ja. Shelest, Peter I. - M. M. Michailov,
    Ibrahim - R. I. Gerbek.
    June 27, 1949, Moscow, Bolshoi Theatre of the USSR,
    conductor - Ju. F. Feier, director - R. W. Sacharov,
    ballet master - I. W. Smolnov, stage set - M. P. Bobyschov.
    interpreters of the leading roles: Parascha - O. W. Lepeschinskaja, G. S. Ulanowna,
    R. S. Strutschkowa; Jevgeni - W. A. Pereobrashenski, M. M. Gabovich,
    A. N. Ermolajew; Zariza Bala - M. T. Semenowa; Peter I. - A. I. Radunski;
    Ibrahim - A. D. Lapauri; Kolombine - I. W. Tichomirnowa;
    Harlekin - G. K. Farmanjanz.
    November 5, 1954, Bukarest    (the composer was present at the concert)
Op. 89a 1949 Suite from the Ballet   "The Bronze Horseman"   for symphonic orchestra
    1. a) Introduction b) On the Senate Place c) Dance on the place
    2. a) Jevgeni b) Parasha c) Lyrical scene
    3. Dance suite
    4. a) Prediction   b) Round dance
    5. Rendezvous (second lyrical scene)
    6. Waltz
    7. Presentiment  (The beginning of the steppe snowstorm)
    8. Hymn to the great town
    3 (III - l. flute), 3, 3 (III - bass clarinet), 3 (III - K-bassoon) - 4, 4, 3, 1 - timpani,
    triangel, tambourine, big and small drums, cymbal, gong, little bells,
    xylophon, celesta, 2 harps, piano, strings
Op. 90 1950 Conzert waltz   for symphonic orchestra     in  D flat major
    dedicated to  Lidia Naumowna Leschtschinska
    3 (III - l. flute), 3, 3, 3 - 4, 3, 3, 1 - timpani, percussion, little bells, 2 harps,
    piano, strings.
    duration 6 minutes.
    première: October 30, 1950, Moscow,
    Symphonic Orchestra of the Allunion- Radio-Committee,
    conductor - composer
    transcription for piano by  A. Wederinkov


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