Opus Year

Description of works

Op.31 1907 Twelve pieces for children   of middle difficulty  for piano
    1. Prélude   in E flat major
    2. Notturno    in F sharp minor
    transcription by  A. Krejna  for violin, cello and piano
    3. Cradle song   in  B flat major
    4. Dreaming    in  D minor
    5. Folk song   in A major
    transcription by  M. Selzer for wind orchestra
    transcription by  I. Smyslov for mixed choir without companion
    (Text by  A. Shirjajevzo)
    6. Waltz   in B flat major
    transcription by   E. Strajov for viola and piano
    transcription by   I. Kostlan for bassoon and piano
    7. Romance    in E minor
    transcription by I. Kostlan for bassoon and piano
    8. Etude   in A flat major
    9. Mazurka   in C major
    10. Oriental song    in F minor
    11. Album sheet   in  D major
    12. Ballet dance   in A major
Op.32 1908 Two pieces  for  double-bass and piano
    dedicated to  Sergej Alexandrovich Kusevizki
    1. Prélude    in D major
    2. Scherzo    in  G major
Op.33 1904- Sireny - The Sirens. Symphonic poem for big orchestra    in  F minor  1)
  1908 dedicated to  Maria Robertowna Glier
    3 (III - l. flute), 4, 4, 3 - 6, 3, 3, 1, timpani, percussion, bells, celesta
    harp, strings
    duration 17 minutes
    première: January 17 / 30, 1909, Moscow, Seventh symphonic assembly of the
    Russian Musical Society, conductor - E. A. Kuper
    awarded the Glinka-Prize (1912)
    transcription by the composer for piano four hands
    1) Composer's comment concerning the score: "In old Greece the Sirens, mysterious from nature, showed themselves as appearances, living in the sea at blossoming islands. With her enchanting songs they attracted sailors, who passed the islands. Forgetting everything in the light, not having the strength to resist the disastrous songs the sailors steered their ships to the islands of the strange Sirens and the ships were wrecked at the near shore by cliffs lain under water. 

Movements: Sea; Island of the Sirens; Approach of ships; Song of the Sirens; Sinking of the ships ".

Op.34 1908 Twenty-four characteristic piano pieces for the youth
    booklet I.
    1. Little poem
    2. Polish dance
    3. Tears
    4. Hunting song
    5. Regret
    6. Bells
    booklet II.
    7. In the field
    transcription by X. A. Erdel for harp
    8. Harlekin
    9. Song
    10. At the cradle
    11. Ballad
    12. Esquisse
    booklet III.
    13. Melody
    14. Scherzo
    15. Russian song
    16. Dance of the Clowns
    17. Aquarell
    18. Improvisation
    booklet IV.
    19. Serenade
    20. In a manner like a minuet
    21. Consideration
    22. Pastorale
    23. In a dream
    24. Oriental dance
Op.35 1908 Eleven pieces for different instruments and piano
    1. Melody   for flute and piano
    dedicated to  Alexandr Vasilevich Chimitshenko
    2. Waltz   for flute and piano
    dedicated to  Alexandr Vasilevich Chimitschenko
    3. Piece   for Oboe (or violin) and piano
    4. Andante   for Oboe (or violin) and piano
    transcription by B. Eremin for bassoon and piano
    transcription by Ju. Jagudin for flute and piano
    5. Moment musical   for cello and piano
    dedicated to  M. E. Bukinik
    6. Romance   for clarinet and piano
    transcription by L. Perminov for french horn and piano
    7. Sad waltz   for clarinet and piano
    transcription by L. Perminov for french horn and piano
    8. Humoresque    for bassoon and piano
    dedicated to  Ivan Romanovich Porubinovski
    9. Improvisation   for bassoon and piano
    dedicated to  Ivan Romanovich Porubinovski
    10. Nocturne    for french horn and piano
    transcription by W. Borisowski for viola and piano
    11. Intermezzo   for french horn and piano
Op.36 1908 Six Romances    for voice accompanied by piano
    1. Sladko pel dusha solovushko    (Sweetly sang my beloved nightingale)
    Text  by  I. Lashetschnikov 1)
    transcription by L. Schochin for mixed Choir, Domra
    [Russian plucked instrument similar a mandolin] and piano
    transcription by N. Frischmann for voice with orchestra or Domra-sextet
    2. Smert'    (Death)  
    Text by Ivan Aleksejevich Bunin (1870-1953)
    3. Mogla-l' ne verit' ja     (Couldn't I believe?)
    Text  by  Myrrha Lochvizkaja (1869 - 1905)
    4. Vy skazalis'     (The consequence of the sleepless nights)
    Text  by Skitalez
    5. Ona pela    (She sang)
    Text  by  M. Rosenheim
    6. Dusha moja v plenu    (My soul is caught)
    Text  by Petr Jakubovich
    1) In the original score of the composer Aleksei Fyodorovich Mersljakov (1778-1839) is named as author of the text .
Op.37 1908 Four two-part children's choirs accompanied by piano
    1. The grass is greening
    Text by A. Pleschtschejev
    2. Advertising    
    Text by Aleksandr Block (1880-1921)
    3. The flame is quiet in the clear red sunset
    Text by I. Belousov
    4. Evening     
    Text by A. Pleshtchejev
     No.2 with Text  by N. Naidenov "Good day, spring".
Op.38 1908 Twenty-four easy pieces for piano four hands
    dedicated to Olga Fabianowna Gnesina
    booklet I.
    1. Prélude   in  D major
    2. Waltz    in  C major
    3. Improvisation    in  A flat major
    4. Minuet    in D major
    5. Folk song   in  B minor
    6. Mazurka   in  A major
    booklet II.
    7. Album sheet   in  A minor
    8. Musical moment   in  A flat major
    9. Elegie   in  B flat minor
    10. Melody    in  C major
    11. Cradle song    in  F minor
    12. Scherzo    in  D major
    booklet III.
    13. Regret   in  D major
    14. Unrest     in  G minor
    15. A lyrical moment    in  E major
    16. Fairytale     in   C minor
    transcription by A. Tschesnokov for wind orchestra
    17. Oriental   in  B major
    18. Sketch    in  E minor
    booklet IV.
    19. Dreaming    in  B flat major
    20. Arabesque   in  G major
    21. Intermezzo    in  E flat major
    22. Piece   in  A minor
    23. Sad thoughts   in  D flat major
    24. Tarantella   in  F major
Op.39 1909 Eight Duets for violin and cello
    dedicated to  Boris Vasilevich Kaljushno
    1. Prélude   in  G minor
    2. Gavotte   in  A major
    3.Cradle song   in  G major
    4. Canzonetta    in F major
    5. Intermezzo    in  E minor
    6. Improvisation    in D minor
    7. Scherzo    in  B major
    8. Etude    in  G major
Op.40 1909 Two Esquisses   for piano
    dedicated to Theresa Ushkowa
    1. Tranquillo     in  D flat major
    2. Allegro molto e leggiero    in  C sharp minor


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