Opus Year Description of works
Op. 21 1905 Three pieces     for piano
    revision by  L. Chasin for clarinet and piano
    1. Melancholy     in A flat minor
    dedicated to  Maria Robertowna Glier
    revision by W. Krjukov for violin, cello and piano
    2. Birth     in  B major
    dedicated to  Natalja Konstantinowna Kusewizka
    3. Sadness     in  E minor
Op. 22 1904 The smithy   ("The bellows grumbles and pants noisily...")
    Romance for bass and piano. Text by Petr Jakubovich
    dedicated to  Fedor Ivanovich Schaljapin
    revision by the composer for voice and orchestra
Op. 23 1905 Five romances   for voice and piano
    1. V dali bezbrehnoy     (In the boundless distance)
    Text by A. Struve
    2. Ja tvoj smech     (I am your laughter)
    Text by Petr Jakubovich
    dedicated to  Alexandr Michailovich Uspenski
    3. Opjat' opjat' tvoj tichy lepet     (Again and again your mumbling quietly)
    Text by Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    4. list'ja shumelie     (Leaves rustle)
    Text by A. Pleschtschejev
    5. Net ne mogu ja zasnut     (No, I cannot fall asleep)
    Text by K. Balmont
Op. 24 1905 Six two-part children's choirs accompanied on piano
    dedicated to  Tatjana Wasiliewna Figurowska
    1. Hello, winter guests.
    Text by I. Nikitin
    2. Cradle-song   ("Child, do you want to see the paradise?...")
    Text by Konstantin Dmitrjevich Balmont (1867 - 1942)
    3. When the sun shines, the water sparkles
    Text by F. Tjutschev
    4. Over flowers and grass
    Text from the magazine "Maljutka" [small child]
    5. Flower ("Happy flowers shine colored in the field ...")
    Text by A. Pleschtschejew
    6. In the blue sea
Op. 25 1907 Symphony No. 2     in  C minor
    dedicated to  Sergej Alexandrovich Kusevizki
    I. Allegro pesante
    II. Allegro giocoso
    III. Andante con variacioni
    IV. Allegro vivace
    3(III - l. flute), 3, 3 (III - bass clarinet), 3 - 4, 3, 3, 1 - timpani, percussion,
    tambourine, bells, harp, plucked instruments
    duration 40 minutes
    première; January 10 / 23, 1908, Berlin
    conductor: S. A. Kusewizki;
    February 20 / March 5,  1910, Moscow, Tenth symphonic assembly of the
    Russian Musical Society, conductor: Composer
    revision for piano four hands by the composer
Op. 26 1906 Six pieces   for piano
    dedicated to  Georgi Eduardovich Konjus
    1. Prélude    in  B flat major
    2. Prélude    in E flat minor
    3. Prélude    in  B minor
    4. Chanson simple    in  E minor
    5. Mazurka    in  C sharp minor
    6. Album sheets    in B flat major [Feuille d´Album]
Op. 27 1906 Seven romances   for voice and piano
    1. Tvoj glaza   (Your eyes)
    Text by Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    2. Pod sum dozdja    (In the roaring rain)
    Text by Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    3. Kak teplo, kak privol'no vesnoj     (How warm and pleasant is the spring)
    Text by Myrrha Lochvitzkaja (1869 - 1905)
    4. Pobledneli, uvjali chvety    (The flowers have wilted)  
    Text by Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    5. V polusne     (In the light sleep)   
    Text by Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    dedicated to  Maria Adrianowna Dejscha-Sionizka
6. Padayut kapli pechal'nyye     (The sad raindrops fall)
Text by Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    7. I vetra ston     (And the wind moans)
    Text by Myrrha Lochvitzkaja (1869 - 1905)
Op. 28 1906 Eleven romances  for voice and piano
    1. Kol'lyubit' tak bez rassudku   (When you love, then do it madly)
    Text by Aleksei Konstantinovich Tolstoi (1817 - 1875)
    2. Vostochnaya pesn    (Song of the east)   
    Text by N. Minski
    3. O, jesli b grust' moja  (Oh, if my mourning wouldn't be)
    Text by Rosswein
    4. Kak v bredu   (As in a delirium)
    Text by Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    5. Zhit! Budem zhit!    (Live! We shall live!)
    Text by G. Galina
    6. Ty vesennikh obmanov ne zhdi    (Don't expect any spring deceptions)
    Text by Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    7. Vsyo mne grezitsa more ...     (I am always dreaming of the sea)
    Text by Konstantin Dmitrjevich Balmont (1867 - 1942)
    8. Zasmeesh'ja li ty...    (Will you laugh ...)
    Text by F. Sologub
    9. Ya bol'she yeyo ne lyublyu ...    (I love her no longer)
    Text by Konstantin Dmitrjevich Balmont (1867 - 1942)
    dedicated to  Maria Adrianovna Dejscha-Sionizka
    10. Vzor tvoj bezemolven    (Your meaningless look)
    Text by Myrrha Lochvitzkaja (1869 - 1905)
    dedicated to  Antonina Wasiliewna Neshdanowa
    11. Spit more predo mnoy...    (In front of me the sea is sleeping)
    Text by Skitalez
Op. 29 1906 Three Mazurkas for piano
    dedicated to  Leopold Godowski
    1. in  B minor
    2. in  E flat major
    3. in  B flat minor
Op. 30 1907 Twenty five prèludes  for piano
    booklet I
    1. Moderato    in  C major
    2. Sostenuto    in  c minor
    3. Vivace    in  D flat major
    4. Presto impetuoso    in  C sharp minor
    5. Andante    in  D major
    booklet II
    6. Con amarezza    in  D minor
    7. Allegro    in  E flat major
    8. Affanato    in  E flat minor
    9. Andante    in  E major
    10. Allegro    in  E minor
    booklet III
    11. Allegro    in  F major
    12. Presto    in  F minor
    13. Andante    in  F sharp major
    14. Sostenuto    in  F sharp minor
    15. Andante    in  G major
    booklet IV
    16. Moderato    in  G minor
    17. Presto    in  A flat major
    18. Agitato    in  G sharp minor
    19. Tranquillo    in  A major
    20. Con passione    in  A minor
    booklet V
    21. Moderato    in  B flat major
    22. Allegro agitato    in  B flat minor
    23. Adagio    in  B major
    24. Allegro assai    in  B minor
    25. Presto    in  C major


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