Opus Year Description of works

Op.11 1904 Sextet No. 3   for two violins, two violas, two cellos    in  C major
    in memory of Mitrofan Petrovich Beljajev
    I. Allegro
    II. Larghetto
    III. Allegro
    IV. Allegro vivace
    duration 40 minutes
    revision by M[aria] R[obertowna] Renkvist and the composer for piano four hands
Op.12 1903 Six Romances  for voice and piano
    1. Yesli zhizn tebya obmanet    (If life deceives you)
    Text by Alexander S. Pushkin (1799-1837)
    dedicated to  the beloved Manetschka (wife of the composer - Maria Robertowna Glier,
    nee Renkvist)
    2. Zvedocka krotkaja     (Shooting star)
    Text by  Petr Jakubovich
    dedicated to  Olympiade Nikolajewna Kardaschewa
    3. Ty tak naivna     (You are so naive)
    Text by  E. Gnesina
    dedicated to  Nelli Georgiewna Mollenhauer
    4. Pridjosh'li s novoju vesnoj    (Do you come with the new spring)
    Text by  Myrrha Lochwitzkaja (1869 - 1905)
    dedicated to  Lidia Robertowna Renkvist
    5. Ljubov cvetet    (The love blossoms)
    Text by  Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    dedicated to  Julia Nikolajewna Schmeman
    6. Chego khochu, chego?     (What would I like, what?)
    Text by  N. Ogarev
    dedicated to  A.P. Kiselevski
Op.13 1904 Suite for two-part female choir and piano
    dedicated to  Jevgena Fabianowna Sawina (nee Gnesina) and Elena Fabianowna
    1. Spring    ("Finally spring! ...")
    Text by  R. Shadowskaja
    2. Summer    ("The night flew over the earth...")
    Text  by A. Pleschtschejev
    3. Fall   ("Fallen leaves of autumn dancing in the wind....")
    Text  by A. Maikov
    4. Winter    ("There is north, dark clouds came up...")
    Text  by Alexander S. Pushkin (1799-1837)
Op.14 1904 Six Romances for voice and piano
    1. Noch pechal'na     (The night is mournful)
    Text by  Iwan Aleksejewitsch Bunin (1870-1953)
    dedicated to  Nikolai Nikolajewitsch Tscherepnin
    2. My s toboj razoshlis     (We have parted)
    Text by  Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    dedicated to  Juri Sergejevich Sachnovski
    3. Na tsvetakh drozhat slezinki ...   (On the flowers teardrops tremble)
    Text by  Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    dedicated to  the beloved  Manetschka (Maria Robertowna Glier)
    4. Kak svetla, kak narjadna vesna    (The spring how colored and adorned it is)
    Text by  Ivan Aleksejewitsch Bunin (1870-1953)
    dedicated to  Ivan Ivanovich Kryshanovski
    5. Kak noch temma     (How dark is the night)
    Text by  Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    dedicated to  Valentina Semenowna Serowa
    6. Pojmut-li?    (Understand you?)
    Text by  Myrrha Lochwitzkaja (1869 - 1905)
    dedicated to  Maria Adrianowna Dejscha-Sionizka
Op.15 1904 Scherzo  for piano  in C sharp minor
    dedicated to  Alexandr Borisovich Goldenveiser
Op.16 1904 Two pieces  for piano
    1. Prélude    in C minor
    dedicated to  my dear wife    [Maria Robertowna Glier nee Renkvist]
    2. Romance   in E major
    dedicated to  Leonid Vladimirovich Nikolajev
Op.17 1904 Five Esquisses    for piano
    dedicated to  Sergei Ivanovich Tanejev
    1. Vivace   in  B major
    2. Presto    in E flat minor
    3. Allegretto    in A major
    4. Andante    in  C major
    5. Energico    in F sharp major
Op.18 1904 Eight Romances  for voice and piano
    1. Vesna nastupila     (The spring is opened)
    Text by  D. Manuchin
    2. Sumerki     (Dusk)  "The dusk sinks sadly down on the earth...."
    Text by  Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    3. Zvyozdy nochu vesenney ...   (Stars in a spring night)
    Text by  Ivan Aleksejevich Bunin (1870-1953)
    4. Snova son    (A new dream)
    Text by  Ivan Aleksejevich Bunin (1870-1953)
    5. Temnyje tuchi     (Dark clouds)
    Text by  Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    6. O, chto so mnoj      (Oh, what is with me)
    Text  A. Solomon 
    dedicated to  Ilja Alexandrovich Saz
    7. O, ne vpletay tsvetov      (Oh, do not twine the flowers)
    Text by  Daniil Rathaus (* 1868)
    8. Berberskaya pesnya     (A Berber song) "I love you until the cursed death..."
Op.19 1905 Three pieces   for piano
    1. Mazurka    in A minor
    dedicated to  Natalja Konstantinowna Kusevizka
    2. Intermezzo    in  B major
    dedicated to  Boleslav Leopoldovich Javorski
    3. Mazurka    in B minor
    dedicated to  Natalja Konstantinowna Kusevizka
Op.20 1905 Quartet No. 2    for two violins, viola and cello     in  G minor
    dedicated to  Nikolai Andrejevich Rimski-Korsakov
    I. Allegro moderato
    II. Andante
    III. Vivace
    IV. Orientale (Andante-Allegro)
    duration 40 minutes
    Première: February  7 / 20, 1907, Berlin
    Klingler-Quartett (Karl Klingler, Joseph Rywkind, Fridolin Klingler, Arthur Williams);
    October 22 / November 4, 1908, Petersburg, Quartet of the chamber union

 revision by the composer  for piano four hands


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